Unite Here Local 40 Rally

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Dear Local 155 Members,

You may be aware that the Sheraton Vancouver Airport Hotel workers and their union, Unite Here Local 40, have been on strike for a living wage agreement for almost 9 months. The company that owns the Sheraton Vancouver Airport Hotel, Larco Investments LTD, also owns the Bridge Studios.

To raise the profile of the strike and to show its strength, Unite Here Local 40 is expanding its fight to other areas of Larco’s businesses.  They are holding a rally on Thursday, March 21 at 1 PM outside the Bridge Studios Boundary. 

It is important to note that a rally is not a picket line. As fellow Union Members acknowledging and showing support for striking workers in another industry is encouraged.

Reporting to work at Bridge Studios on March 21 is not crossing a picket line. Representatives from Teamsters Local Union No.155 will be on site for the rally to support Unite 40 Members and to answer any questions our own Members may have.

Unite Here Local 40 Rally
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