2024 Bargaining Survey

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Attention Members:

We have prepared a short survey to canvas the membership regarding the commencement of the 2025-2028 BCCFU Master Agreement bargaining, taking place in January, prior to the March 31, 2025 expiration.

We are moving forward to make every effort possible to conclude a successor agreement that will include an increase in wages and fringes.

Historically, the parties have bargained a Safe Harbour Agreement, to enable existing productions to continue filming beyond the expiration date of the contract without job action by the Union or Employer, ie. Strike or Lockout. This creates stability for those productions who are in production, prep, or wrap. This is for the benefit of both parties.

In the event the contract expires before we can conclude, we are not guaranteed retroactivity in wage increases. It has been suggested to us that if we do not conclude by the end of March, we may not get back to the bargaining table until later in the year as the AMPTP has dozens of contracts scheduled to bargain.

Considering the above, please check your email address inbox for our survey to give us a better understanding of your wishes. Thank you.

2024 Bargaining Survey
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