Those looking to move from Reserve to Permittee status and Permittee to Membership status must now complete the “Motion Picture Safety Awareness Course”.

Drivers will have to provide a Police Information Check – Vulnerable Sector (PIC-SV), which is available through your local Police Station or RCMP Office.

In order to meet Teamsters Local 155 and the film industry’s need for Class 1 drivers, effective June 1, 2018, all Permittee’s applying for Membership in the Drivers Division will now be required to have an unrestricted Class 1 License, in addition to the current criteria.

Permittees and Reserve drivers who do not wish to upgrade their license to an unrestricted Class 1 license will still be dispatched, but will not be eligible to apply for Membership without an unrestricted Class 1 license.

Permittees and Reserves will remain in their respective groups until they meet the new membership requirements.
All other qualifications remain in effect, including all dispatched days counting towards membership once met.

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