Those looking to move from Reserve to Permittee status and Permittee to Membership status must now complete the “Motion Picture Safety Awareness Course”. Drivers will have to provide a Police Information Check – Vulnerable Sector (PIC-SV), which is...

Help Build BC Communities

Please read this memo, titled ‘Spoiler Alert’, a reminder to be respectful to the places you’re working while on location.

WorkSafeBC Regulations RE: Smoking in Vehicles

Below is WorksafeBC’s regulations regarding smoking in vehicles. Each production has a safety hotline where you can anonymously report those that are smoking in vehicles and/or vehicles that have been smoked in. Please familiarize yourselves with your own...

Hand Microphone Safety Bulletin

Due to the recent Province wide crack down on the use of hand held devices and because it is the law, it is imperative that the following Safety Bulletin is given to the drivers on your Production.