Thank you to those of you who have taken action in completing the Actsafe Motion Picture Safety Awareness courses (General & Supervisors). This message is intended for those who have not yet completed it, and provides answers to common questions we’ve received recently.

As communicated previously, pursuant to Article 12.07 of the BCCFU Master Agreement, all employees must successfully complete the Motion Picture Safety Awareness 101 – General Safety Awareness course before March 31, 2024. This course is free of charge and takes approximately 5 hours to complete online. To register for the course, please click here:

Upon completion of the course, eligible members fill out the BC Motion Picture Training Society Bursary request and email it to: for verification. Once Union approval is granted, we will forward to EP Canada and they will process your $60.00 stipend. We also ask that you send us a copy of your certificate with the completed bursary form. This enables us to update your file and record that you have met the Article 12.07 requirement.

Additionally, Actsafe is currently conducting the “Motion Picture Safety for Supervisors” course virtually.  While this course may not be mandatory yet, we recommend those in supervisory roles take advantage of this extremely important training. The workshop is designed to provide all motion picture industry supervisors with a fundamental understanding of current WorksafeBC regulations and their safety obligations.

Topics include:

  • Responsibilities of a Supervisor
  • Risk assessments and hazard identification
  • Responding to worker’s concerns and work refusals
  • Correcting unwanted behaviour
  • Due diligence
  • How to conduct safety meetings and toolbox talks

Not only is this training a personal achievement, it is a desirable addition to your resume. You will be eligible for an $80.00 stipend subject to the criteria outlined in the bursary request form.